Mount Gomery’s ‘In Series’, out today!

Mount Gomery is the new creative outlet for former Faello Nor guitarist Ryan Hare. While Hare’s past work has typically been of the loud and bombastic variety, Mount Gomery is a project that sees him exploring a completely different side of his talents. The debut album In Series is an unprecedented display of Hare’s melancholy, minimal and overtly personal songs – a lush, delicate work centered around subtle guitars and his outstanding vocals. If you’re looking for more reasons to reach for your wallet, check out the list of contributors on this record. The album was engineered and produced by Zach Lipkins ( and Marie Kim (Good News Bears, All These Kings), and includes guest appearances by Tim Byrnes (Hazel-Rah, Kayo Dot), Marie Kim (Good News Bears, All These Kings) and Dan Romans (the DRX).

One of the driving forces behind Nefarious Industries has always been to provide a home to a wide variety of music. With In Series, we’re branching out into new territory. This is the first record we’ve put out that we wouldn’t consider “heavy”, and we’re certain you’ll enjoy it. Expect the unexpected.

In Series

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