Absolute Hell reviews “The Briefcase”

“With The Briefcase, BANGLADEAFY churn out some seriously unusual and spastic combinations of jazz, electronica, and progressive metal/punk. I am immediately reminded of excellent groups like Child Abuse and occasionally Naked City. Songs like “Elixer” and “Tubes” almost make me think of a Venetian Snares track, with strange, glitchy percussion and anomalous tempo and time signature changes that make my head spin. “Show Me the Gold” is one of my favourites, featuring wonderful bass/drum work that is reminiscent of later Neoandertals (Australopithecus in particular). Before I know it, this short, fifteen-minute album is over as quickly and strangely as it began. What a bizarre ride. I’m left wondering what just happened, and wanting more. Better give it another listen. Recommended.” – Absolute Hell

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