Album Review: BANGLADEAFY Narcopaloma – Metal Injection

“I think what has made me come back to Bangladeafy time and time again over the years is the band’s ability to consistently surprise with their music. You’d think that their brand of monochromatic and arrhythmic instrumental madness would get dull after a while, but instead you find yourself coming back time and time again to more fully understand what the album is truly about. They can be rock gods of the sort not seen since Emerson, Lake and Palmer. […] You don’t want to spend too much time at once with Narcopaloma because it very well may destroy your brain. There is so much to understand here that to try and explain it with mere words seems like an insult to the music. There are hooks, slams and everything in between. If you can wrap your head around the madness of this band then you are a better man than I, because here I am, five or six listens in and I’m still only just barely starting to scratch the surface of what may very well be the most important prog record of 2016.” – Metal Injection

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