The DRX: “Throughout Within” Album Review – Echoing Magazine

“There are times when a band decides to take their music into the world of “experimental.” This term often means using incredibly odd sounds and musical passages that have nothing to do with each other and have been thrown together for the sake of being “weird.” Fortunately, The DRX and their album Throughout Within is on the other end of the experimental spectrum, taking a swath of different genres and putting them in a way to not only challenge the listener’s preconceived notions of what music can become, but having it all make sense. Their sound combines the off-beat musical sensibilities of Frank Zappa, the synth and feel of 80’s-era Rush, and a touch of the dark and distorted world of Sleepytime Gorilla Museum. It’s got saxophone, it’s got 80’s synth, it’s progressive, and it’s all done with an off-kilter clean vocal style that infrequently tosses in a great deathcore scream and palm-muted metal passages just to keep the listener on their toes. ” – Echoing Magazine