NEQUIENT: ‘Wolves At The Door’ Album Review – SonicAbuse

“If NEQUIENT had stuck to the three-minute-an-less formula when composing this album, it would have been a solid grind effort characterised by its ferocity and intense musicianship. What raises it to the ranks of the exceptional, however, is when the band break cover to deliver something that, whilst equally intense, traverses different sonic territory. The seven-minute ‘on the day of execution’ is the stand-out track, lurking at the heart of the album, ready to tackle the unwary with a demonic glimmer in its eye, but equally impressive are ‘coins for the ferryman’ and ‘screaming across the sky’, both of which make good use of their expanded run time to explore hitherto unexpected territory. The sense of dynamic works well as the listener is never allowed to become numb to the overwhelming speed of delivery and, overall, Wolves At The Door stands out as an intelligent, cranium-melting work of deviant art. 9″ – SonicAbuse

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