RICARDA COMETA: Ricarda Cometa 2 – Beach Sloth

“An unhinged feral presence makes itself felt throughout RICARDA COMETA’s Ricarda Cometa 2. Defying easy categorization, the album has a distinctly late 70s discordant flavor about it. Elements of This Heat, Pere Ubu, DNA, and more filter their way into a uniquely tortured skronk. Percussion blasts forward with a clear-eyed intensity ready to grab the listener by the throat. Melody, rhythm, these are twisted into unholy sorts of shapes. Grooves have an elastic quality to them for RICARDA COMETA pushes them to the breaking point only for them to snap back into place. […] RICARDA COMETA finds the beauty in the ugly with the absolutely life affirming spirit of Ricarda Cometa 2.” – Beach Sloth

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