ZEVIOUS: ‘Lowlands’ LP Review – SonicAbuse

“Upon hearing the record for the first time, the likes of King Crimson and Fugazi raced through my brain and, upon reading the band’s background, the jazz influence makes a good degree of sense. Nonetheless, Lowlands, for me, has more in common with the awesome no-wave and art rock bands that Martin Bisi nurtured in his studio than with Davis or Coltrane. […] Lowlands is a fascinating journey across a musical landscape so mottled with influences that, if it were to be rendered as a piece of art, it would be a Dali painting. […] Lowlands is one of those rare records that you can listen to a million times and you’ll always hear something new within. Without vocals to lead the listener to a particular place, instrumental music has the ability to stimulate the senses and ZEVIOUS make a perfect case for this. Exceptionally talented, they never allow their proficiency to overshadow the importance of the song and, as a result, Lowlands feels spontaneous and alive with possibility. The beautiful vinyl pressing, with Bryan Olson’s stunning artwork, is the icing on the cake – this is an exceptional piece of work in whatever format you discover it. 10.” – SonicAbuse

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