MetalMatters: August 2019 – A Quiet Month to Enjoy Loud Music – PopMatters

“Math rock, death metal, noise, sludge, crust, and a pinch of avant-metal tropes. Take all of that, put it in a mixer, and blend until homogeneous. Dress with infernal guttural vocals and sharp shrieks at will. Does it sound insane? Over the top? Impossible? That’s the sound of Denmark’s OXX trio on The Skeleton Is Just a Coat Hanger; These Are the Black Strings That Make You Dance. Wild and unpredictable, but oh so charmingly deranged. Music created in the spur of an eternal moment. Twisted riffs fight their way through weird effects of undefined origin and blaring saxophones while following lyrics that are cluttered with random paraphernalia rather than meaning. Tempo and rhythm changes abound. But there is always sense in this nonsense. Clusterfuck-core, they call it and invite us to breathe it in deep.” – Antonio Poscic / PopMatters

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