Humans Etcetera is an Experimental Rock outfit founded by West Virginia native, Christopher Henry (Fuck Your Birthday, Clean Dirty Clean). It began in 2012 as a one-man-band in a basement experimenting with recording software. In its early years, Humans Etcetera released 2 EP’s (Wet Toe Mistake, and This Water Ghost Can Change Like Candy), and two LPs (Scatter Bomb, and The Night Used To Be Young). Then, in fall 2015 Humans Etcetera recruited Alan Bentley on drums and Takeru Abe on bass to form a live band to support the project’s third LP, Pointless Squares. The trio’s musical chemistry and friendship ignited a flame of inspiration which yielded the act’s forth full-length release, HEADLINING. The trio disbanded shortly after in the summer of 2016, when Henry signed a two-year contract to teach ESL in Wenzhou, China. As a way to cope with being alone in foreign city, Henry wrote, recorded, and released two EPs (音乐家, and Exit Parachute Via Bear), and 3 LPs (CRAMMED AND DISTORTED, RED TAPE, and Cold Summer Tongs) all by December of 2016. This left Henry exhausted and questioning why he’d spent such a great deal of time making music by himself. Henry slowed down in 2017, resolving to focus on quality over quantity. He crafted little by little the project’s eighth full length release, Intelligent Skeleton. This will be Humans Etcetera’s first label release with Nefarious Industries.