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Label Spotlight: Nefarious Industries – Decibel Magazine

Check out this rad spotlight on Nefarious Industries, up now at Decibel. Everything you every wanted to know about the label, and a glimpse at what’s coming in 2018! If you seek off-kilter music, Nefarious Industries is the label you … Continue reading

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DYING WHALE Balance Aggression With Harmony On ‘Last Moments Of Misery’ – Interview with New Noise Magazine

“a monster… bringing to mind Keelhaul, Kylesa, and Kalibas. […] Sludgy in spots, hardcore in others, but all the while held together by threads of aggression and—if you listen closely enough—subtle beauty.” – New Noise Magazine

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BANGLADEAFY: Gear Gods Issues Bass Playthrough Video From NYC Tech Metal Outfit; Narcopaloma EP Out Now – Earsplit Compound

In the wake of their intense new Narcopaloma EP’s very recent release via Nefarious Industries, Brooklyn tech metal duo BANGLADEAFY has been featured on Gear Gods through an up-close playthrough video. The band has also announced several new shows throughout … Continue reading

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BANGLADEAFY: Noisey Interrogates Tech Metal Duo Alongside Narcopaloma Stream; EP Out Friday Via Nefarious Industries – Earsplit Compound

Brooklyn’s BANGLADEAFY will unveil their anxiously anticipated Narcopaloma EP to the masses next Friday, and today the record becomes ingestible through an early stream at Noisey. Engineered and mixed by Jonathan Vergara at Pancake Studios, with Atif Haq’s drums having … Continue reading

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Bangladeafy’s Jon Ehlers Is Doomed To Play Rock Music, Hearing Disability Be Damned – Noisey

“Musically, Bangladeafy is an odd proposition. The NYC duo’s ultra-complex blurts of drum and bass insanity pebble-dash the inside of your skull like Satan’s own toilet bowel, and Narcopaloma, their new EP, comes off like Lightning Bolt and the Melvins … Continue reading

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OPUL: The Lightness of Being – Interview with Osprey Music Magazine

Lindsay O’Connor picks Matt Lupo’s brain about his latest solo effort, Levels: Upon hearing the opening refrain on Matt Lupo’s Levels, I experienced immediate relief of all burdens—those most apparent, as well as ones I didn’t even know I had. … Continue reading

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The Top 25 Beers of 2014 as Presented by El Drugstore Guitarist Kevin Conway – GearGods

Life is way too short to drink shitty beer: We’re taking another resurfacing breath from winter vacation today to bring you this most important of lists. Because odds are that you’re celebrating New Year’s Eve, and statistically speaking you probably … Continue reading


MAID MYRIAD: With Haste On Its Breath – Team Rock

“With Haste On Its Breath twirls through progressive rock and post-hardcore with a refreshing sense of otherness. There are obvious influences at play – the darker, quieter corners of Deftones’ work, Cave In’s later, more melodic days, a smattering of … Continue reading


MAID MYRIAD: Interview with Absolute Zero Media

Greg and Jeff chat with Clint at Absolute Zero Media about Maid Myriad‘s new record With Haste On Its Breath. Read the full interview RIGHT HERE, and head to our store to grab a copy of the album and some … Continue reading


Set Sail on EL DRUGSTORE’s “Plague Ship” – Exclusive Interview with American Aftermath

An American Aftermath exclusive: Hey there! We’re El Drugstore, from the great state of New Jersey. We’re gonna tell you all the shit that you never asked to know about our new record, Plague Ship, out December 31st on Nefarious … Continue reading

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