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GRIDFAILURE + MEGALOPHOBE: Tasukete – Two Guys Metal Reviews

“There is a sort of existential pain that drives the work of these two artists and their willingness to be grating and oppressive thrills me and terrifies the shit out of my cat. That’s a huge part of the appeal of noise though, especially how these guys do it, it’s about leaving you with your skin crawling. Tasukete is a record that does exactly that. It’s the sort of music that makes you ask yourself why this type of music was even created in the first place. But because of its sheer devilishness you know, you know you were meant to succumb to this glorious fucked up oppression. Twisted and dark, GRIDFAILURE and MEGALOPHOBE have an intimate understanding of the horrors of the human race.” – Two Guys Metal Reviews

Ricarda Cometa live

RICARDA COMETA: Argentine-Peruvian Improv Duo Issues Video Of Full Live Set; Ricarda Cometa 2 Full-Length Out Now Via Nefarious Industries -Earsplit Compound

Following the June release of their latest album, Ricarda Cometa 2, and the corresponding European tour in support of the record, Argentine-Peruvian improvisational instrumental duo RICARDA COMETA has just issued a live video of an entire live set. In related news, drummer Tatiana … Continue reading

BANGLADEAFY - Ribboncutter

BANGLADEAFY: Ribboncutter – Can This Even Be Called Music?

“Jon and Atif form a spectacular symbiosis. Jon’s bass work is as incredibly daunting as ever, playing across the whole tessitura of his instrument in a frantic and relentless fashion — which made BANGLADEAFY what it is! — while Atif’s drums are complex and intricate, melodic in a sense, too, with different percussions playing the role of pitches on a musical staff. […] Ribboncutter is undoubtedly BANGLADEAFY‘s best work to date, topping even 2016’s Narcopaloma, which already set the bar higher than before.” – Can This Even Be Called Music?

Bangladeafy - photo by Nick Spadafora

Track Premiere: BANGLADEAFY ‘Steam’ – Decibel Magazine

“The bass and drum duo are skilled, taking the song through multiple moods and levels of intensity over the course of two-and-a-half minutes. Without guitars or death growls, BANGLADEAFY‘s version of extreme is different than, say, Dying Fetus, but it’s no less impressive for it.” – Decibel Magazine

The Oxford Coma

THE OXFORD COMA Announces Western US Universal ConTour 2018 Beginning Late September – Earsplit Compound

Arizona’s THE OXFORD COMA has announced the Universal ConTour 2018 for late September into October. On this, the most extensive tour supporting their Steve Albini-produced second LP, Everything Out Of Tune, the band will tour a clockwise path across the West Coast US … Continue reading

Bangladeafy - photo by Nick Spadafora

BANGLADEAFY: Decibel Magazine Burns Off Some “Steam” From Ribboncutter; Debut LP From NYC Duo Nears Release Through Nefarious Industries – Earsplit Compound

[photos by Nick Spadafora] Nefarious Industries is preparing for the release of the unhinged and bizarre rampage of NYC-based BANGLADEAFY, and their debut LP, Ribboncutter. With the record’s street date closing in, the album’s new “Steam” single has been premiered through Decibel … Continue reading

RISK RELAY: “As We Descend” Vinyl Review – SonicAbuse

“Stabbing, interlocking guitar work, somewhere between the Pixies, Linoleum, and Sonic Youth, is given weight by the probing might of the bass and the thunderous drums which roil and burn underneath the scratchy surface of the track. […] It’s the sort of potent, atypical art-punk that would have had me scouring the physical record shops for days if I’d come across it on the radio. It defies convention and draws upon myriad influences to offer something that is original, exciting and evocative.” – SonicAbuse

ZEVIOUS - Lowlands

ZEVIOUS: 10 Best Metal Albums of August 2018 – Ultimate Guitar

“Rhythmic, vigorous record full of passion, diligence, and excitement.” – Ultimate Guitar