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GRIDFAILURE & MEGALOPHOBE: Tasukete Album Review – Heavy Music Headquarters

“…this time around it’s more urgent and mechanical. Heavily effected vocals, industrial elements, ambiance, feedback and noise swirl amidst seemingly random song structures, with tracks ranging from two to nearly nine minutes. While mostly dissonant and avant-garde, there are semi-traditional moments on tracks like “Agoraphobic Claustrophobia” that quickly dissipate and the madness resumes.” – Heavy Music Headquarters


Album Dissections: GRIDFAILURE & MEGALOPHOBE “Tasukete” – Svbterranean

In Svbterranean’s Album Dissections, artists break down the construction and/or lyrical themes of their records track by track: Tomorrow, October 5, experimental sound architects GRIDFAILURE and MEGALOPHOBE will release their second collaborative album, Tasukete, via Nefarious Industries. GRIDFAILURE‘s Dave Brenner … Continue reading


GRIDFAILURE & MEGALOPHOBE: Tasukete Collaboration By New York Solo Outfits Streaming At Avant Music News; Album Out Friday Through Nefarious Industries – Earsplit Compound

This Friday, Nefarious Industries will release the unhinged Tasukete, the second collaborative album by New York experimental/solo outfits GRIDFAILURE and MEGALOPHOBE, and first release from either band through the label’s diverse roster. Ahead of its official uncaging, the entire album is now streaming through … Continue reading


Exclusive Pre-Release Streaming of Tasukete from GRIDFAILURE and MEGALOPHOBE – Avant Music News

“…an album ripe with confusion, unhinged with contorted visions, and explosive self-immolation through strenuous psychosis, as the two artists treat themselves as self-crash-test dummies strapped into their own torqued contraptions.” – Avant Music News


MUSICAlbum Review: GLOBELAMP’s “Romantic Cancer” – College Media Network

GLOBELAMP strays far from traditional technique; her quavering voice and outlandish phrasing choices deters the average ear, and draws in a fan-base of those with a taste for underground and experimental work. Regardless of whether or you like or dislike it, GLOBELAMP’s voice rattles like a ghost through listeners cranium long after hearing it.” – College Media Network

Bangladeafy - photo by Nick Spadafora

BANGLADEAFY: “Steam” Bass Playthrough Video Playing At Gear Gods; Ribboncutter Debut Full-Length Out Now Via Nefarious Industries – Earsplit Compound

[photos by Nick Spadafora] With the release of BANGLADEAFY’s debut full-length release, Ribboncutter, through Nefarious Industries last week still fresh, Gear Gods is now hosting a playthrough video for the album’s “Steam.” Through their two prior EPs – 2013’s The Briefcase and 2016’s Narcopaloma – BANGLADEAFY has proven … Continue reading

BANGLADEAFY - Ribboncutter

BANGLADEAFY: “Ribboncutter” Album Review – Post-Trash

“Brooklyn two-piece BANGLADEAFY have been making music for close to a decade and have few others they can be compared to. Trying to sell them to friends, usually goes, “they’re like if NIN and Hella had a baby.” The songs are dark, tense, humorous, displaying an absolutely mind blowing amount of skill by Jon Ehlers and Atif Haq. […] Ribboncutter is a furious departure from their last outing, the fantastic Narcopalma, featuring more deep, foggy synths, creating a series of songs that feel like early aught’s techno beats suffering from a withdrawal. […] The album clocks in at just over twenty minutes and is a train heading for oblivion from beginning to end.” – Post-Trash

BANGLADEAFY Bassist Jon Ehlers Charges Through This Exclusive Playthrough of “Steam”

BANGLADEAFY Bassist Jon Ehlers Charges Through This Exclusive Playthrough of “Steam” – GearGods

“It’s not often you get a band that combines the genres of tech, world, and thrash, but when you do, BANGLADEAFY are the ones doing it right. […] As with most of the music from these guys, this track has a lot going on. Although it barely beats the 2-minute mark, the tune pummels you with the aggressive basslines of Ehlers, the hypnotic percussion of Haq, and enough dizzying synth lines to write home about. It’s a banger in the truest sense, and doesn’t let you go until it’s had its way with you, and we wouldn’t want it any other way.” – Gear Gods