12" LP with screen printed jacket and double-sided obi strip featuring the artwork of Mark McCoy. 200 Black / 100 Assorted.

Ships before October 25, 2019.  Free shipping on US orders.  Includes Digital Download.

Release Date: October 25, 2019
Catalog ID: NEF-49
Label: JEMS Label (JEMS016), Nefarious Industries (NEF-49), Damien Records, 5nakefork Records

A1 Poser Disposer
A2 Fiending For The Anxious
A3 Death Called Hoax
A4 Hell House
A5 Choose Your Side Of History
A6 It’s Cold Gin
A7 Admission : Defeat
A8 Jimmy Five Times
A9 The Antidote Is Not Free
B1 The Minds Ear
B2 Unabashed Failure
B3 A Sickened Generation
B4 Eschatology Of Desire
B5 Ignoramus Religion
B6 Deflection Of Admiration

Bob Eisenbise – bass
Steve Brooks – guitar
Mickey Kahleck – guitar
Matt Seitzinger – drums
Travis Bos – vocals

Recorded and mixed by Bruce Woullet
Mastered by Bill Henderson (Azimuth Mastering)
Art and layout by Mark McCoy


“The Twin Cities metallers have drawn a line in the sand and are ready to snuff out every misused tiki torch with their new song “Choose Your Side Of History.” Vocalist Travis Bos’s sharp voice cuts through Presidential double-speak, governmental gaslighting, and dogwhistles like a blade. Guitarist Steve Brooks and bassist Bob Eisenbise weave a catchy metallic blend to ward off those that wish to divide us while drummer Matt Seitzinger drives home the message that we will not go silently into the night. To paraphrase Thomas Hobbes, one of the founders of modern political thinking and author of Leviathan, this song is “nasty, brutish, and short.”” – Toilet ov Hell

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