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HUMANS ETCETERA To Release Tenth Album, A Normal Temporary Reaction To Life Events, On New Year’s Eve; “Big Snow Mountain” Video Now Playing – Earsplit Compound

Eclectic rock/alternative act HUMANS ETCETERA has completed its tenth full-length album, A Normal Temporary Reaction To Life Events, which is being prepared for release on New Year’s Eve through their allies at Nefarious Industries. With the cover artwork, track listing, preorders, and other … Continue reading

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A Normal Temporary Reaction to Life Events

A Normal Temporary Reaction to Life Events is an experimental rock album that sews together a kind of mental unravelling from sides both before and beyond sleep. It begins with lulling hypnotic guitar and drum loops and wades deeper and … Continue reading

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MetalBite Premiere: BLACKTHORNE – ‘Blackthorne’ full album stream

“Fueled by historical occurrences leading up to the current times, BLACKTHORNE through their self-titled album, aim to stomp out all things they detest socially. Taking refuge under the political umbrella, the Twin Cities quintet bring with them a voice echoing through … Continue reading

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BLACKTHORNE: Self-Titled LP By Twin Cities Extreme Metal Band Streaming At MetalBite; Album To See Release This Friday – Earsplit Compound

[photos by Bronson Karaff] As Twin Cities extreme metal outfit BLACKTHORNE prepares for this Friday’s official release of their eponymous debut LP, the album is now playing early through an exclusive stream hosted by MetalBite. Blackthorne will be issued through a multi-label co-op deployment … Continue reading

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BLACKTHORNE: Decibel Magazine Premieres “Fiending For The Anxious” Video By Twin Cities Metal Quintet; Self-Titled LP Nears Release Through Nefarious Industries – Earsplit Compound

[photos by Bronson Karaff] Decibel Magazine is hosting the public premiere of Twin Cities-based metal quintet BLACKTHORNE’s new video for “Fiending For The Anxious.” The track comes from the band’s incoming self-titled LP, nearing release in late October through a collective … Continue reading

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BLACKTHORNE: Twin Cities Metal Outfit Premieres “Choose Your Side Of History” Via Toilet Ov Hell As Self-Titled LP Nears Release – Earsplit Compound

[photos by Bronson Karaff] Twin Cities-based extreme metal quintet BLACKTHORNE delivers the charged new single, “Choose Your Side Of History,” pulled from their impending self-titled LP, which sees release at the end of October. The new track makes its public induction through … Continue reading

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Premiere: BLACKTHORNE – “Choose Your Side Of History” – Toilet ov Hell

“The Twin Cities metallers have drawn a line in the sand and are ready to snuff out every misused tiki torch with their new song “Choose Your Side Of History.” Vocalist Travis Bos’s sharp voice cuts through Presidential double-speak, governmental … Continue reading

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BLACKTHORNE: Twin Cities Metal Quintet To Release Self-Titled LP Through Multi-Label Collective In October; Tracks Streaming + Preorders Posted – Earsplit Compound

Twin Cities-based extreme metal quintet BLACKTHORNE presents their self-titled debut LP. Following an independent limited cassette release, the album has been expanded with new material, remixed and remastered, and will see an official release on LP and all digital platforms this October … Continue reading

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SPACE MONKEY – FUCK YOUR BIRTHDAY Split EP To See Release Through Nefarious Industries – Earsplit Compound

Nefarious Industries lifts the veil on a new split 7” from two outer-boundary musical acts, SPACE MONKEY and FUCK YOUR BIRTHDAY. Blow Out The Candles And Make A Split will see a 7” vinyl release with one track from each band, while the digital version … Continue reading

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