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EL DRUGSTORE: New Jersey Technical/Instrumental Trio To Release The Golden Age Of Bad Ideas Through Nefarious Industries In November; Trailer Posted – Earsplit Compound

[photo by Alex Jackson] New Jersey’s EL DRUGSTORE breaks a six-year gap of silence with The Golden Age Of Bad Ideas, a brand new studio full-length recording of the band’s dexterous, twisted, technical, instrumental metal melee. With the album now confirmed for November … Continue reading

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Review: A FUCKING ELEPHANT & EL DRUGSTORE split – SonicAbuse

“…a glorious cornucopia of sonic surprises so resplendent in its knowledge of the oblique American underground, that it will have you sitting bolt upright, teeth slowly grinding into a paste as the adrenalin flows through you.” – SonicAbuse

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Label Spotlight: Nefarious Industries – Decibel Magazine

Check out this rad spotlight on Nefarious Industries, up now at Decibel. Everything you every wanted to know about the label, and a glimpse at what’s coming in 2018! If you seek off-kilter music, Nefarious Industries is the label you … Continue reading

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The Top 25 Beers of 2014 as Presented by El Drugstore Guitarist Kevin Conway – GearGods

Life is way too short to drink shitty beer: We’re taking another resurfacing breath from winter vacation today to bring you this most important of lists. Because odds are that you’re celebrating New Year’s Eve, and statistically speaking you probably … Continue reading


Gonzo Circus reviews “Plague Ship”

“We horen een gevecht tussen Cynic en Orthrelm, een gevecht tussen drie tovenaars die een soort technische metal spelen die er geen is. EL DRUGSTORE zit op de grens van metal en mathrock, lekker ingewikkeld maar toch uitnodigend tot headbangen.” … Continue reading


In Your Speakers reviews “Plague Ship”

“For the times that feel like you could bounce off the walls out of sheer frustration, pick any track from this white knuckled ball of fury, and an outlet will be found.” – In Your Speakers


Ondes Choc reviews “Plague Ship”

“Tout au long de l’album, El Drugstore mélange la folie et la technique, de façon ingénieuse et bien dosée, de sorte que l’écoute de l’album complet peut mener à la démence ou à l’internement… Je vous aurez au moins prévenu!” … Continue reading


The Midlands Rocks reviews “Plague Ship”

“Plague Ship is a perverse ten-track trip through psychotically-calculated musical bedlam. […] Who knew there were so many ‘wrong-sounding’ chords? More importantly, who knew they could feel so right?” – The Midlands Rocks


Church of the Riff reviews “Plague Ship”

“Click play, sit the fuck down and pay attention for the next ~50 minutes. No breathing room, no respite, just some of the best heavy music you’ll hear all month.” – Church of the Riff


OneMetal reviews “Plague Ship”

“EL DRUGSTORE is a dizzying, disorienting listen – […] what might happen if Converge, Botch and Mastodon got together to score a soundtrack for a particularly harrowing episode of Itchy & Scratchy.” – OneMetal