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RICARDA COMETA: Ricarda Cometa 2 review – SonicAbuse

“For those who go dizzy over Sonic Youth’s many side projects, or the recent art-rock sound-clash of Martin Bisi’s BC35, Ricarda Cometa 2 is an improvisational work well worth exploring. Recorded by Sam Nacht at Estudio Libres in Buona Aires … Continue reading

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NEQUIENT: Chicago Outfit Announces Eastern US Summer Tour; Wolves At The Door Out Now Via Nefarious Industries – Earsplit Compound

[photo by Nicolas Côté] Chicago metallic hardcore hybrid NEQUIENT announces their upcoming summer tour in support of their still smoldering Wolves At The Door album in the aftermath of its release through Nefarious Industries in May. Recorded by Pete Grossmann at Bricktop Recording (Weekend … Continue reading

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NEQUIENT: ‘Wolves At The Door’ Album Review – SonicAbuse

“If NEQUIENT had stuck to the three-minute-an-less formula when composing this album, it would have been a solid grind effort characterised by its ferocity and intense musicianship. What raises it to the ranks of the exceptional, however, is when the … Continue reading

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BRANDON SEABROOK’s Needle Driver EP Review – SonicAbuse

“If the presence of Martin Bisi is a boon when it comes to piquing the interest, then the presence of a Nefarious Industries catalogue number on the sleeve is of paramount importance. Self-described as “the home of a bunch of … Continue reading

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GHOST SIMPSON: Self-Titled EP Review – SonicAbuse

“Ghost Simpson is an exploratory EP that introduces the band that is its namesake perfectly. There are reference points here from the progressive synth experiments of acts like Banco De Gaia and System 7 to the ambient dub of The … Continue reading

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mOck: ‘Components’ 10″ EP Review – SonicAbuse

“Components, the band’s fourth EP, sees mOck exploring gently unhinged art rock, shoegaze and jazz with unerring intensity and makes you wonder what lysergic delights are in the water in Berlin that encourage such meandering and yet brilliant compositions. […] … Continue reading

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A Fucking Elephant’s “Seven Inches” Out Today

Seven Inches, the new EP from A Fucking Elephant, is now available on black and yellow vinyl and immediate high quality digital download. “…notes falling over themselves like babies in a cement mixer… A Fucking Elephant are awesome. They are … Continue reading

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SonicAbuse reviews “Seven Inches”

“…notes falling over themselves like babies in a cement mixer… A Fucking Elephant are awesome. They are not interested in commercial interest, mass sales or glossy marketing. They play and record what they feel and then press it to nauseatingly … Continue reading

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SonicAbuse reviews “Red Hearts In A Dead World”

“Red Hearts In A Dead World is a sonically challenging morass that will neatly divide opinion between those who can’t even begin to fathom the purpose of such white-hot noise experimentation, and those who embrace the adventurous journey Tovarish have … Continue reading

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SonicAbuse reviews ‘In Series’

“An ambitious, lyrically heavy piece of work, Mount Gomery are not a band to slip on in the background – the music is too layered for that and it will draw you in no matter what you are attempting to … Continue reading

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