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Bangladeafy screen shot 3

BANGLADEAFY: Tech-Instrumental Duo Unloads Sci-Fi Ferocity In “Say It With Your Chest” Video Premiere Via MetalSucks – Earsplit Compound

BANGLADEAFY has just issued a scorching new video, a bewilderingly wild infusion of sci-fi visuals appropriately fitted to their equally intense “Say It With Your Chest,” the song culled from their recently-released Narcopaloma EP. Filmed, directed, and edited by Jason … Continue reading

Say It With Your Chest

Exclusive Cinemetal Premiere: Bangladeafy’s “Say It with Your Chest” –

“…like an acid nightmare amalgamation of a-ha’s famous “Take On Me” video, Tron, a toy commercial, and that messed-up shit they show Malcolm McDowell in A Clockwork Orange to make him stop being evil. And we’re not even sure that … Continue reading

Risk Relay

RISK RELAY: New Jersey Quartet Issues Details Of Fourth Album, As We Descend, Set To See Release Through Nefarious Industries – Earsplit Compound

[photo by Gabrielle Dolceamore] Closing a three-year gap since their prior album, New Jersey-based quartet RISK RELAY has issued the details of their upcoming fourth album, As We Descend, now confirmed for release through Nefarious Industries this November. RISK RELAY … Continue reading


NYC Record of the Month: Bangladeafy – “Narcopaloma”

“We are here, desperately tapping the big HELP button on our Life Alert pendant because the latest release from NYC’s Bangladeafy has left us bowled over on the floor. Narcopaloma, the band’s newest EP, is an unrelenting chaos machine, delivering … Continue reading

Bangladeafy 2016

BANGLADEAFY: “Termites” Bass Playthrough – Gear Gods

“Bangladeafy is a two-man band consisting of bassist Jon Ehlers and drummer Atif Haq, and their combined skill is impressive even before you learn that Jon has been nearly entirely deaf since birth. Then, the mind boggles.” – Gear Gods