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MAID MYRIAD to Debut Full-Length Album “With Haste on Its Breath” – Akron Beacon Journal

MAID MYRIAD [...] digs deeper and further back into the ’90s recalling the intricate, herky-jerky dynamics and start-stop riffs of bands such as Sunny Day Real Estate and At the Drive-In and heavier contemporary proggy bands such as Tool and the Mars Volta, minus the 10-minute songs.” – Akron Beacon Journal


MAID MYRIAD Posts Opening Track From Debut Album Playing At American Aftermath; Preorders Posted + Mini-Tour Begins This Week – Earsplit Compound

Maid Myriad

In advance of their impending Nefarious Industries debut full-length, With Haste On Its Breath, Akron-based kaleidoscope rock act, MAID MYRIAD, will embark on a string of shows, today also releasing the opening track and multiple preorder packages for the album.

“Encircled” opens up With Haste On Its Breath with just enough of a furious rhythmic pulse to accent the finesse and boundless vocal delivery the versatile MAID MYRIAD trio courageously master on the album, encapsulating a wide view of some of the album’s incredibly infectious, hook-strewn characteristics. The track is now playing at American Aftermath who issues, “The band combines an array of influences, including progressive rock and 90’s post-hardcore/emo, into a dynamic and emotional display of alternative rock mastery,” adding on the track “Encircled” itself, “the track’s dream-like verses, driving riffs that close out the track and Jeff Klemm’s near angelic vocals are sure to be stuck in your head all day. In fact, we guarantee that.”

Listen to “Encircled” now at THIS LOCATION.

Preorders for With Haste On Its Breath have been posted, including three different bundle packages; CD, CD + T-Shirt, CD + two T-Shirts; each one includes a 17″ tour poster, stickers, and an instant download of the opening track, “Encircled”. Check it out HERE.

This Thursday, August 14th and Friday the 15th MAID MYRIAD — guitarist/vocalist Jeff Klemm, drummer Greg Meisenberg, and bassist Mario Tonathy — will perform in their home state of Ohio, in Cleveland and Kent, respectively, followed by a show in Clarksburg, West Virginia on the 16th. And amid other widespread tour actions to be booked in advance and through the release of With Haste On Its Breath, just days before its official street date of October 7th, MAID MYRIAD has confirmed a record release show in Kent, Ohio on Saturday, October 4th, at which the band will perform the entire new album. Jeff Klemm has also lined up an extensive string of solo acoustic gigs, where he displays alternate adaptations of ‘MYRIAD songs and additional material separate from the band’s catalog. The other side to his creative cerebral coin, his crooning acrobatic vocals and spiderweb fingerpicking acoustic guitar has earned his solo set such praise as “Sounds like if Jeff Buckley and Nick Drake went out on a full moon heartbreak bar crawl.” There will be a few more acoustic additions in the next two weeks.

MAID MYRIAD tour dates:
8/14/2014 Grog Shop – Cleveland, OH w/ Stems, Ottawa, The Spectral Type [info]
8/15/2014 Stone Tavern – Kent, OH w/ From Borealis [info]
8/16/2014 Main St Café – Clarksburg, WV w/ Arcane Haven and Provoke, Destroy [info]
10/04/2014 The Kent Stage – Kent, OH *CD RELEASE w/ Simeon Soul Charger [info]

JCK (of MAID MYRIAD) solo shows:
8/31/2014 Annabell’s Lounge – Akron, OH *Sad Songs for Sad Bastards Barbecue [info]
9/12/2014 Kung Fu Necktie – Philadelphia, PA w/ Nate Dodge & Andra Taylor [info]
9/13/2014 AVA Lounge – Pittsburgh, PA w/ Nate Dodge & Andra Taylor
9/23/2014 The Auricle – Canton, OH w/ Nate Dodge & Andra Taylor [info]
9/26/2014 Southgate House Revival – Newport, KY w/ Nate Dodge & Andra Taylor [info]

Boasting a beautiful style of post-progressive/alternative/pop they like to refer to as kaleidoscope rock, MAID MYRIAD blends dynamically angst-fueled progressive riffs, delicate pin drop moments, and intense start/stop dynamics. The band’s debut full-length, With Haste On Its Breath brings on a dozen new songs radiating in nearly an hour of their most expansive and explosive material to date. Bursting with influences from a gamut of rock subgenres, one can hear elements of Sense Field, Sunny Day Real Estate, Dredg, Cave In, Tool and more all seamlessly honed and brought to vibrant life with a passionate, dynamic, clean vocal delivery, produced and engineered by Klemm at Free Truman Productions, and then mixed and mastered by Kevin Antreassian at Backroom Studios in Rockaway, New Jersey (The Dillinger Escape Plan, Adrenaline Mob, Foxy Shazam, etc.)

WIth Haste On Its Breath



New Jersey rock-lifers EASTERN ANCHORS and ZERO FOR CONDUCT drop a pair of brand spanking new tunes out today on 7″ virgin black vinyl and high quality 320kbps MP3 download.

The Anchors’ contribution, “Above Your Station” (recorded & mixed by Tom Beaujour at NutHouse Recording, Hoboken, NJ) is an impassioned reminder that their brand of 90’s indie needs to be kept alive even when much of the world turns a deaf ear. The amped-up “Average Marks Make Shitty Sparks” (recorded & mixed by Chris Pierce at Volume IV, New Brunswick, NJ) has the ZFC boys kicking open the door to summer, eyes on the prize, passing lane only.

Satisfy your rock Jones with this 50g of shellac spinning capriciously on your gramophone. Featuring artwork by Mike Hilton and limited to 500 copies.

Eastern Anchors // Zero For Conduct

EP + MP3 Download

7″ EP limited to 500 copies.
Instant download + EP – ships August 12, 2014.
*Free U.S. shipping.

EP $9.00

MP3 Download

Instant download, high quality 320kbps MP3.

MP3 $2.00

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EASTERN ANCHORS, ZERO FOR CONDUCT: EP Release Show Aug 15 @ Court Tavern

Ten amazing NJ bands are getting together for a weekend of noise at the Court Tavern in New Brunswick, NJ. Included in the festivities are our lads EASTERN ANCHORS and ZERO FOR CONDUCT, as they ready their 7″ EP for release this Tuesday Aug 12. Stream the record below, view the new video for “Above Your Station”, and order your copy here.


Facebook invites so you can join us and rock out:
Fri Feb Aug 15th Zero Conduct, Eastern Anchors, Duochrome, Milwaukees, 4444
Sat Feb Aug 16th The Stuntcocks, Prosolar Mechanics, Bionic Rhoda, Boss Jim Gettys, Blithe (doll)

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SIMGE Video Premiere: EASTERN ANCHORS Work Hard For The Money In “Above Your Station”

Eastern Anchors // Zero For ConductCan a working girl make a buck without the guff?

Head over to Speak Into My Good Eye for the premiere of the video for “Above Your Station”, directed by Pete Bune, which follows Eastern Anchors’ crushing sound to cultural locations like the Cinema Arts Centre, 112 Video, and Escape Pod Comics as the struggle becomes more and more real for our female protagonist.

Set to ship on August 12th, New Brunswick’s Eastern Anchors and Zero For Conduct have teamed up for a rollicking split 7″, contributing “Above Your Station” and “Average Marks Make Shitty Sparks” respectively. Head to our store for pre-orders. This 7″ run is limited to 500 copies with a release show set for August 15th at the Court Tavern along with The Milwaukees, Duochrome, and 4444.

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Bucket Full Of Nails: EASTERN ANCHORS / ZERO FOR CONDUCT – Split 7″

“Clocking in at under seven minutes, the split is a mix of frenetic pop-punk courtesy of Eastern Anchors’ “Above Your Station” and melodic thunder on Zero for Conduct’s “Average Marks Make Shitty Sparks.”” – Bucket Full Of Nails

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EASTERN ANCHORS, ZERO FOR CONDUCT split 7″ Pre-Order; “Above Your Station” video teaser

Pre-order your copy of this brand spanking new piece of virgin wax from New Brunswick, New Jersey’s rock-lifers EASTERN ANCHORS and ZERO FOR CONDUCT. Pre-orders ship August 12 and include an immediate high quality 320kbps MP3 download. This 7″ is limited to 500 copies, so don’t snooze.

Eastern Anchors // Zero For Conduct

EP Pre-Order + MP3 Download

7″ EP limited to 500 copies.
Instant download + EP – ships August 12, 2014.
*Free U.S. shipping.

EP $9.00

If you’re not convinced, check out this short teaser for the upcoming “Above Your Station” video, and stream the entire EP below.

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CoolDad Music: New Single from EASTERN ANCHORS, Split with ZERO FOR CONDUCT

“The Anchors‘ track, “Above Your Station,” rides a big, Bob Mouldian guitar riff and opens with the line, “Can’t catch a break to save your soul. Raise up your kids on rock ‘n roll.”; and the song does a good job of carrying the late 80s / early 90s indie rock torch ignited by the band’s previous LP. [...] Zero For Conduct‘s “Average Marks Make Shitty Sparks” bounces on top of the bassline provided by newest member J. Pat Holden (who joins drummer Joe Dingerdissen and guitarist Morgan Chen) and will be the New Brunswick band’s vinyl debut.” – CoolDad Music

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