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Throughout Within

The DRX: “Throughout Within” Album Review – Echoing Magazine

“There are times when a band decides to take their music into the world of “experimental.” This term often means using incredibly odd sounds and musical passages that have nothing to do with each other and have been thrown together … Continue reading


SEE?: Metal Insider Debuts Lead Track From Lighteninging On Your Thames; Band Merges Current/Former Members Of Netherlands, Spacehog, Bangladeafy, And More – Earsplit Compound

As Nefarious Industries prepares for the late December release of Lighteninging On Your Thames — the new album from bewilderingly eccentric collective, SEE? — the lead track from this warped auditory beating has been issued through Metal Insider. With SEE?’s … Continue reading

Lighteninging On Your Thames

Track premiere: SEE? (Bangladeafy/Netherlands, ex-Spacehog etc.) get experimental with “SEE1” – Metal Insider

“It’s easy to get pretty jaded in the metal community. How many more deathcore bands waiting for the drop or thrash bands trying to recapture 1984 can there be before you tag out? What we’re trying to say is that … Continue reading

DRX press photo 2016

The DRX: First Single “Ancient Lie”, From Nefarious Industries-Bound Throughout Within, Premiered At BrooklynVegan – Earsplit Compound

[photo by Michelle Johnsen] BrooklynVegan is hosting the exclusive premiere of “Ancient Lie,” the first single to be issued from the epic concept album, Throughout Within, by The DRX, which is impending December release through Nefarious Industries. The New York based avant-rock powerhouse The DRX, led by composer and … Continue reading

Throughout Within

The DRX releasing ‘Throughout Within;’ listen to “Ancient Lie” – BrooklynVegan

“The DRX mixes harsh, metal-influenced vocals with proggy compositions and an array of hard left turns on the politically-charged song. We get electronics, thundering hardcore, noisy post-punk, horns, choral arrangements, a huge range of sounds.” – BrooklynVegan