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Ron Anderson - photo by Peter Gannushkin

PAK Announces October West Coast Tour; Bestial Full-Length By New York City Trio Out Now Through Nefarious Industries – Earsplit Compound

[photo by Peter Gannushki] New York City-based math/prog/experimental outfit PAK announces an October tour of the West Coast US. The long-running act, with members of The Molecules, Cleric, Imperial Triumphant, and more formulating the current lineup, will be playing abroad in support … Continue reading


OXX: Cvlt Nation Premieres “Labyrinth” Video By Danish Hardcore/Grind Outfit; Band Embarks On First US Tour Next Week – Earsplit Compound

Aarhus, Denmark-based avant-hardcore act OXX presents a video their belligerent new LP, The Skeleton Is Just A Coat Hanger; These Are The Black Strings That Make You Dance, following its release through Nefarious Industries in August. The new video for the track “Labyrinth” … Continue reading

LAVISHER - photo by Myles Arwine

LAVISHER: Nefarious Industries Issues Details For Drastic Shadows Debut LP From Chicago Alt-Rock Outfit; Trailer Posted – Earsplit Compound

[photo by Myles Arwine] Nefarious Industries presents the debut LP from Chicago-based LAVISHER, confirming Drastic Shadows for October release. The track listing, cover art, and a brief trailer for the album have been issued. With Gavin Cushman III performing all guitars, vocals, and … Continue reading

Cinema Cinema - photo by Alex Bershaw

CINEMA CINEMA: Brooklyn Art Punk Duo To Release Fifth Album Through Nefarious Industries In November – Earsplit Compound

[photo by Alex Bershaw] New York experimental art punk duo CINEMA CINEMA has partnered with Nefarious Industries for the upcoming early November release of their new album, CCXMD. CINEMA CINEMA was established in 2008 by Brooklyn-born cousins Ev Gold (vocals/guitar) and Paul Claro (drums). … Continue reading

FUCK YOUR BIRTHDAY: BigMouth Media Live Session Video From China/US-Based Duo Posted – Earsplit Compound

A pro-shot studio performance from China/US-based rock duo FUCK YOUR BIRTHDAY has been issued through BigMouth Media out of Philadelphia. The footage of the band’s performance was filmed live in the studio during their recent Tours Truly venture, which saw FYB touring across Southeast … Continue reading

OXX - The Skeleton is Just a Coat Hanger; These Are the Black Strings That Make You Dance

MetalMatters: August 2019 – A Quiet Month to Enjoy Loud Music – PopMatters

“Math rock, death metal, noise, sludge, crust, and a pinch of avant-metal tropes. Take all of that, put it in a mixer, and blend until homogeneous. Dress with infernal guttural vocals and sharp shrieks at will. Does it sound insane? Over the top? Impossible? That’s the sound of Denmark’s OXX trio on The Skeleton Is Just a Coat Hanger; These Are the Black Strings That Make You Dance. Wild and unpredictable, but oh so charmingly deranged. Music created in the spur of an eternal moment. Twisted riffs fight their way through weird effects of undefined origin and blaring saxophones while following lyrics that are cluttered with random paraphernalia rather than meaning. Tempo and rhythm changes abound. But there is always sense in this nonsense. Clusterfuck-core, they call it and invite us to breathe it in deep.” – Antonio Poscic / PopMatters

Walking Bombs

Dive Exclusively Here Into Thrilling Heavy Mania Of The New WALKING BOMBS Album – Captured Howls

“There’s an incredibly poignant sense that pops up multiple times in the lyrics in various incarnations centering on an expression featured closer to the beginning, when Morgan sings with strikingly smooth heavy vocals about an aim ‘to remind you that you’re alive.’ You might not have even known you needed such a reminder before hitting play here, but the refreshing, cohesive, and ultimately quite powerful musical weirdness on the album drives the reminder. Lyrically, the album packs a range from embracing nonbinary gender identity to anger at those tone policing or outright perpetrating violence against those who dare to stick out — and it all lands powerfully.” – Captured Howls