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OXX + MACHINIST! East Coast US Spring Tour Dates

OXX And MACHINIST!: Nefarious Industries Confirms East Coast US Spring Tour Dates

OXX [photo by Devon Ewy] MACHINIST [photo by Tommy Calderon] Unhinged musical acts OXX and MACHINIST! have announced a run of East Coast US tour dates together for early this spring. While these two acts are separated by an ocean, they share many … Continue reading

Dive Into Gripping New Soundscapes From BRENNER & MOLENAAR Exclusively Here – Captured Howls

“Unease gets turned to sound […] a bed of perfectly nauseating, droning tones upon which they build jagged edges of sonic twists like strangely melodic guitar strums that by themselves might actually make for a catchy tune. Here, they’re mangled into what feels like the disorienting soundtrack that might be playing in the waiting room outside an executioner’s chamber. The tracks easily feel that intensely foreboding.” – Captured Howls


BRENNER & MOLENAAR: Uninvited Savior By THOSE DARN GNOMES And GRIDFAILURE Creators Playing At Captured Howls; Collaboration Out Friday Via Nefarious Industries – Earsplit Compound

BRENNER & MOLENAAR’s Uninvited Savior, a spacious eighty-two-minute vortex of imploding spiritual psychosis, is now playing exclusively through exploratory music journal Captured Howls. The video playlist of the entire album comes just ahead of its release through Nefarious Industries this Friday. … Continue reading

Titan to Tachyons - photo by Karen Jerzyk

TITAN TO TACHYONS: Nefarious Industries Welcomes NYC Avant Metal Trio Featuring Former/Current Members Of Orbweaver, Secret Chiefs 3, Cleric, John Zorn, And More – Earsplit Compound

[photos by Karen Jerzyk] Newly formed trio TITAN TO TACHYONS has joined the ever-expanding Nefarious Industries roster for the release of the band’s impending debut album late this spring. TITAN TO TACHYONS is led by guitarist Sally Gates (ex-Orbweaver, ex-Gigan), backed by the … Continue reading

Ten From the Tomb: Grizzly Butts reviews BRENNER & MOLENAAR

“Snort an expired yellowjacket or two and settle into this collaboration between GRIDFAILURE (David Brenner) and THOSE DARN GNOMES‘ Christian Molenaar in celebration of facial pain and nearby mucosal torment. […] Imaginative atmospheres and brutally harsh ambiance for a rainy day.” – Grizzly Butts

Zevious -photo by Justina Villanueva

ZEVIOUS Announces March Mini-Tour With Dysrhythmia; Lowlands LP By NYC Instrumental Avant-Metal Trio Out Now On Nefarious Industries – Earsplit Compound

[photos by Justina Villanueva] New York City-based instrumental avant metal trio ZEVIOUS has confirmed a short run of early spring tour dates with Dysrhythmia. The short tour plays through Baltimore, Richmond, and Philadelphia March 26th through 28th, the final show in Philadelphia … Continue reading

PSYCHOSOMATIC 2019 bridge web [photo by Michael Alvarez]

PSYCHOSOMATIC: Long-Running California Thrash Act To Release New LP With Nefarious Industries; Teaser Video And Artwork Posted – Earsplit Compound

[photo by Michael Alvarez] Nefarious Industries proudly announces the signing of long-running Sacramento, California thrash assassins PSYCHOSOMATIC, and is lining up the band’s rabid new LP, The Invisible Prison, for release this summer. A brief teaser video, the album’s cover art, and … Continue reading