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Farmer’s Almanac 2013 Edition LP East of the Wall

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Limited edition vinyl reissue of Farmer's Almanac, remastered and pressed on 180 gram heavy weight vinyl, with full color gatefold jacket.
250 Black / 250 Transparent Blue.
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LP $19.00

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Catalog: NEF-10
Release Date: April 09, 2013


Side A
01 Meat Pendulum
02 Winter Breath
03 Century of Excellence
04 Switchblade Knife
Side B
05 Clowning Achievment
06 Unwanted Guest
07 I Am Crying Nonstop Hysterically


East of the Wall / Forecast from the Farmer’s Almanac, 2013 Edition:
Mike Somers, Kevin Conway, Brett Bamberger & Matt Lupo
Warr Guitar on Clowning Achievement written & performed
by Colin Marston
Very special thank you to Jeff Speidell for his songwriting contributions
Engineered, Mixed and Re-marstered by Colin Marston
at Menegroth, The Thousand Caves /
Art, Design & Layout by Eric Nyffeler /
Produced by Poochie