Brandon Seabrook's Needle Driver

Needle Driver


Custom 6-panel digipak, enclosed in a clear plastic stationery box, and featuring original artwork by Bryan Elkins. Hand stamped, hand numbered.
Includes limited edition 11x17 poster.
Limited to 100 copies: 50 Light / 50 Dark.

Ships October 27, 2017.  Free shipping on US orders.  Includes Digital Download.

Release Date: October 27, 2017
Catalog ID: NEF-29

01 Synonymph
02 Ocular Rabies
03 Entropic Vacuum Party
04 ventwhorerisin’
05 Opticidal Flavorist

Brandon Seabrook – Guitar
Allison Miller – Drums
Johnny DeBlase – Bass

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Martin Bisi at BC Studios.
Artwork by Bryan Elkins.

All songs by Brandon Seabrook (BMI). © 2017 BrandonSeabrook. ℗ 2017 Nefarious Industries.


Needle Driver is the latest experiment of Brooklyn musician Brandon Seabrook. The hard-to-describe EP seamlessly bridges contemporary classical music, experimental jazz, and mathcore into a nasty instrumental tapestry. The trio even includes some microtonal intervals, spotted in the song “venwhorerisin’”. The five compositions are too quickly gone, but they provide an endless amount of entertainment while they last: uncommon time signatures, odd harmonies, complex and exhausting melodies, as well as a knack for deranged structures that somehow hold themselves together.” – Can This Even Be Called Music?

“Perhaps Zevious is the best point of reference for NEEDLE DRIVER, as Seabrook and company provide five short bursts of energy, each featuring aggressive riffing, speed picking, and disjointed time changes. Particularly, Deblase and Seabrook’s lines are barely controlled chaos, with Miller doing her best to keep them rooted. The result involves massive walls of harmonic progressions made from thousands of individual notes.” – Avant Music News

“It’s a similar kind of “musicianship as a cudgel” approach that bands like Helmet, Unsane, Behold The Arctopus, and countless others have used to punish New York audiences for decades. Seabrook, Miller, and Deblase carry on that legacy with devilish competence.” – Invisible Oranges

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