Blight House

Summer Camp Sex Party Massacre

Blight House - Summer Camp Sex Party

Blight House

Summer Camp Sex Party Massacre


Special edition 6-panel Digipak, limited to 100.

Ships August 03, 2018.  Free shipping on US orders.  Includes Digital Download.

Release Date: August 03, 2018
Catalog ID: NEF-37

01 Summer Camp Sex Party
02 Moms Away
03 Acephalophilia II – The Decollation
04 You Deserve This
05 The Warriors Have Come
06 Immaculate Rejection
07 Decrepit Phallic Monuments
08 Feeding Time
09 Follow Your Leader (Kill Yourself)
10 Pray the Slay Away

Words by Frank Lloyd Blight.
Music by Frank Owen Gorey.
Recorded and Mixed by F.O. Gorey at Great Swamp, Rhode Island, USA.
Mastered by Bill Henderson at Azimuth Mastering, New Jersey, USA.
Art and layout by Andrew Grant.

© 2018 Blight House. ℗ 2018 Nefarious Industries.


““Immaculate Rejection” kicks like a mule, with big bounding and skull-whomping grooves guaranteed to bob your head like a piston, and bursts of viciously swarming riffage tailor-made for windmilling heads. All that is addictive enough, but the weirdly warbling lead in the song might be the most unexpectedly addictive aspect of it. As you listen to that, it’s not hard to imagine the leering face of a demon flickering in your peripheral vision as you move to the compulsive momentum of everything else happening in the song. Perhaps the guttural roars and goblin shrieks that provide vocal accompanimen have something to do with such freakish visions.” – No Clean Singing

“Rhode Island brutal death metallers BLIGHT HOUSE are poised to release their sophomore full-length album on August 3 via Nefarious Industries. Titled Summer Camp Sex Party Massacre, the forthcoming effort will feature 10 new tracks of gore-soaked, disemboweling death metal that shreds and slams.” – Svbterranean

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