BANGLADEAFY - Ribboncutter



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6-panel Digipak, with art by Nick Spadafora. Edition of 100.

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Pressed on beautiful 180g 12" vinyl at 45rpm, with art by Nick Spadafora.
200 Translucent Green / 100 Black.


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Release Date: September 21, 2018
Catalog ID: NEF-38

01 Big Scissor
02 Prisoner Swap
03 Espionage
04 Steam
05 Ribboncutter
06 Swamp Gat
07 Allegations
08 North
09 Conch
10 Sea Plane

Bass, synths, and vocals by Jon Ehlers
Drums by Atif Haq

Bass and synths recorded by Colin Marston at Menegroth –
Vocals recorded by Jonathan Vergara at Pancake Studios
Drums recorded by Mike Perotta at Ridge Hill Sound and Michael Gatto at Gatto Records

Mixed and mastered by Jonathan Vergara at Pancake Studios –
Mastered for vinyl by Bill Henderson at Azimuth Mastering –

Photography by Brian Bonelli –
Art design by Nick Spadafora –

Released in cooperation with Nefarious Industries
© 2018 Bangladeafy. ℗ 2018 Nefarious Industries.

Bangladeafy can be contacted at


BANGLADEAFY has been blowing people’s minds with their EP releases over the past few years and now they’re finally releasing a killer full-length record. It’s called Ribboncutter, it’s absolutely going to turn your brain into a steaming pile of blithering nothingness, and we’re premiering it in full today. […] Why bother repeating what you’ve already heard when BANGLADEAFY can destroy you in other, brand new and exciting ways?” – Metal Injection

BANGLADEAFY still manages to produce the musical equivalent of a multi-coloured spray-paint can, practically jittering and bursting with bonkers rhythms and stomach-turning dissonance. It’s easy for this kind of thing to fall into the usual chin-stroking, muso trap, but Ribboncutter (Nefarious Industries) retains a certain character that gives it its replay value.” – Ghost Cult Magazine

“Jon and Atif form a spectacular symbiosis. Jon’s bass work is as incredibly daunting as ever, playing across the whole tessitura of his instrument in a frantic and relentless fashion — which made BANGLADEAFY what it is! — while Atif’s drums are complex and intricate, melodic in a sense, too, with different percussions playing the role of pitches on a musical staff. […] Ribboncutter is undoubtedly BANGLADEAFY‘s best work to date, topping even 2016’s Narcopaloma, which already set the bar higher than before.” – Can This Even Be Called Music?

“The bass and drum duo are skilled, taking the song through multiple moods and levels of intensity over the course of two-and-a-half minutes. Without guitars or death growls, BANGLADEAFY‘s version of extreme is different than, say, Dying Fetus, but it’s no less impressive for it.” – Decibel Magazine

“Drummer Atif Haq and Bassist/synth player/vocalist Jon Ehlers have once again delivered a high energy blast of unique, guitar-free tech metal with punky vocals that inspire feelings of resistance and uprising. The synth work on the track creates a fairly abrasive and disconcerting vibe, and it fucking rules! […] Considering the fact that BANGLADEAFY didn’t even touch their most deadly weapon -the bass- on this track, I’m intrigued to hear how they utilize it in the other tracks on Ribboncutter.” – Everything Is Noise

“Yes indeed, it’s heavy as fuck, and sufficiently berserk to make your brain rattle like a marble in a can affixed to one of those pneumatic paint shakers. The music’s combination of intricate, hard-pulsing, head-battering rhythms is nerve-exploding, and the synth’s rapidly warping tones and equally rapid swirling sounds (along with a cavalcade of other darting phantoms of electronic lunacy and doses of wicked vocal incineration) are all mind-melting. Such an electrifying blast…” – No Clean Singing

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