Gridfailure, Megalophobe



Eco Wallet featuring artwork by Paul Tierman. Limited to 200.

Ships October 05, 2018.  Free shipping on US orders.  Includes Digital Download.

Release Date: October 05, 2018
Catalog ID: NEF-40

01 Dear Fuckhead
02 Tension Benders
03 Tasukete
04 Unnamed Tempomatic
05 Agoraphobic Claustrophobia
06 Play Me A Jig Through The Corpse Of A Cyborg
07 Panic Day
08 Live Broadcast Seppuku

GRIDFAILURE is David Brenner. MEGALOPHOBE is Benjamin Levitt.
Rob Levitt performs on Agoraphobic Claustrophobia, Tension Benders, Play Me A Jig Through The Corpse Of A Cyborg, and Tasukete.

Tasukete was performed, recorded, and mixed mid-2017 through early 2018 by David Brenner and Benjamin Levitt at The Compound in Valley Cottage, New York, and Forked Audio in Brooklyn, New York.

Front cover art and design by Paul Tierman.
Photos, Tasukete logo, additional art, and layout by David Brenner.


“A noisy nightmare, a soundscape to the struggle of the soul in the contemporary urban climate, the sound of late capitalism trapped in a spit bubble and a discarded piece of chewing gum on a subway platform. It all comes together there, in the moments before we are hurled into a long tunnel. In the end, there is a light. It either carries us into the fires of our eternal tormentor or into the arms of a benevolent being who will coddle our baby souls with the sounds of Neurosis and King Diamond for the entirety of our afterlife. This isn’t music as much as it is Cinema Verite as imagined by two auteurs who’ve been raised on a steady diet of Wolf Eyes and the sounds of Hell’s Kitchen in the early 1980s.” – PopMatters

“There is a sort of existential pain that drives the work of these two artists and their willingness to be grating and oppressive thrills me and terrifies the shit out of my cat. That’s a huge part of the appeal of noise though, especially how these guys do it, it’s about leaving you with your skin crawling. Tasukete is a record that does exactly that. It’s the sort of music that makes you ask yourself why this type of music was even created in the first place. But because of its sheer devilishness you know, you know you were meant to succumb to this glorious fucked up oppression. Twisted and dark, GRIDFAILURE and MEGALOPHOBE have an intimate understanding of the horrors of the human race.” – Two Guys Metal Reviews

“…a nearly five-minute mind-melter of abrasive noise, dizzying atmospheres, pseudo jazz instrumentation, and psychotic vocals. It’s like being trapped in a funhouse while under the influence of illicit substances.” – Svbterranean