Romantic Cancer

Globelamp - Romantic Cancer


Romantic Cancer


Special edition 6-panel digipak, limited to 100 copies.

Ships October 12, 2018.  Free shipping on US orders.  Includes Digital Download.

Release Date: October 12, 2018
Catalog ID: NEF-41

01 Sha La Love
02 Everything’s A Spiral
03 Blinded
04 Romantic Cancer
05 Black Tar
06 Sorceress Of Your Soul
07 Saint Cecilia
08 Lowest Low
09 Charmed
10 Unnatural Speeds
11 Birds Down My Back
12 No Hesitation
13 Look Out Mountain

All songs written by Elizabeth le Fey

All guitars, keyboard, and tambourine played by Elizabeth le Fey
James Felice – Accordion on Blinded, Sorceress Of Your Soul, Black Tar, Look Out Mountain
Morgan Y. Evans – vocals on track Sha La Love, trombone on Look Out Mountain

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered December 2017 by Jay Andersen at Bohemesphere Studio, Saugerties, NY

Polaroid taken by Joshua Blaauw

Is our fear of getting hurt holding
us back from experiencing one of the
most powerful feelings on earth?
So many people are afraid to let go &
fall madly in love, to let down their defenses
let love over take them.

Sometimes it happens once or twice in our life
& when it ends we get scared of opening up to somebody else again.
Walls of self preservation begin to grow bigger & bigger.
We start believing Love equals Pain.
As though Love is a type of cancer
that must be avoided at all costs.
Sometimes our romantic impulses
can be self destructive to ourselves.
You might find yourself chasing after
someone you know is bad for you,
willing yourself to be blinded.
Sometimes I guess you just have to
learn some lessons the hard way.

Maybe you never realized you were a romantic
until you dated somebody who was quite literally afraid of love.
Maybe you are the person holding back,
viewing love as a cancer to be avoided