Sixth Mass​-​Extinction Skulduggery I

GRIDFAILURE: Sixth Mass​-​Extinction Skulduggery I


Sixth Mass​-​Extinction Skulduggery I

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Release Date: February 15, 2019
Catalog ID: NEF-50-1

Sixth Mass-Extinction Skulduggery I delivers over fifty-two minutes of GRIDFAILURE’s paranoia-induced powerdementia. The album was entirely conceived, written, executed, recorded, mixed, and completed with hand drawn art by GRIDFAILURE’s architect David Brenner who plays vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, bass, electric, analog, and acoustic drums, keys, synth, harmonica, violin, theremin, field recordings, and more. Many elements of the record were written in times of blackout – including lyrics and themes written during a long blackout during Superstorm Sandy before GRIDFAILURE’s inception – and elements recorded during open air sessions during extreme storms including outdoors, and more, helping embody the outfit’s moniker itself.

Additionally, the series embodies a wide range of contributions from fellow henchpersons who help sculpt the auditory terror into curious new dimensions, including bass from Greg Meisenberg (A Fucking Elephant, Maid Myriad, Tombs-live), vocals from Joy Von Spain (Eye Of Nix, To End It All), accordion from Benjamin Levitt (Megalophobe, Gridfailure-live), guitar from Pete Tsakiris, ukulele from Christopher Henry (Humans Etcetera, Fuck Your Birthday), and drums from BJ Allen (Full Scale Riot). The album was mastered by Dan Emery at Black Matter Mastering (Buzzov*en, Kool Keith, Dwarves, Krieg, AxCx).

01 Sandy
02 Dysmorphia For One’s Neighbor
03 ICBMs In The Storm’s Eye
04 Sixth Mass-Extinction Skulduggery I: Survivor’s Remorse
05 Post-Attack Habitat
06 Directly In Its Path
07 Phosphorous Fog
08 Exsanguination Of The Utopians

Conceived, executed, engineered, and mixed by Dave Brenner
Mastered by Dan Emery at Black Matter


David Brenner – Vocals, Electric Drums/Percussion, Theremin, Field Recordings
Benjamin Levitt – Accordion
Greg Meisenberg – Bass
Christopher Henry – Ukulele

“Dysmorphia For One’s Neighbor”
David Brenner – Vocals, Violin, Harmonica, Theremin, Effects, Field Recordings
Greg Meisenberg – Bass

“ICBMs In The Storm’s Eye”
David Brenner – Vocals, Keyboards, Percussion, Field Recordings
Christopher Henry – Ukulele

“Sixth Mass-Extinction Skulduggery: Survivor’s Remorse”
David Brenner – Vocals, Acoustic Guitars, Keyboards, Electric/Acoustic Drums, Percussion, Effects, Field Recordings
Joy Von Spain – Vocals

“Post-Attack Habitat”
David Brenner – Vocals, Bass, Guitars, Bass, Xylophone, Percussion, Effects, Field Recordings
Spencer – Vocals

“Directly In Its Path”
David Brenner – Vocals, Acoustic Guitars, Drums/Percussion, Contact Mic/Effects, Field Recordings
Joy Von Spain – Vocals, Synth
Pete Tsakiris – Guitars
Greg Meisenberg – Bass

“Phosphorus Fog”
David Brenner – Vocals, Guitars, Analog Synth, Keyboards, Percussion, Effects
BJ Allen – Drums

“Exsanguination Of The Utopians”
David Brenner – Vocals, Guitars, Violin, Xylophone, Field Recordings
Benjamin Levitt – Accordion


“Brenner is increasingly working in the realm of high tension, and this new video is another step in that increasingly blossoming direction. Something about “Post-Attack Habitat” has a nineties-throwback feel to it, probably nestled somewhere between the fish-eye lens and the high-tempo overstimulation of apocalyptic visions…” – Heathen Harvest

GRIDFAILURE makes brutal, ugly psalms for people gravitating to the seedy underbelly of the heavy-weird musical landscape. Sixth Mass-Extinction Skulduggery I marks the first of five new albums, a series of concept records serving as a lit match to the gasoline-drenched house of cards that is our borrowed-time of life on Earth.” – Ghost Cult Magazine

“Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to peer out of a foxhole and look across a wasteland covered in filth that used to be, say, your neighborhood? If you have pondered doomsday, you’re in luck. GRIDFAILURE offer a take on a catastrophe that we can’t fully see but is only getting closer. […] The piece opens with haunting vocals from To End It All’s Joy Von Spain before launching into a relentless build into misery driven by a straightforward musical undercurrent that’s been mangled before it reaches the listener.” – Captured Howls

“Forever pushing the envelope and forever ushering forth noise of the utmost quality, GRIDFAILURE offers perhaps their most ambitious album yet. Through the fifty plus minutes of run time, each track traps you in a world that is and has been ravaged by nature’s unbridled decimating wrath that ultimately leaves humanity on the brink of utter destruction. Without light, without hope and with plenty of harrowing minutes that tick off the clock, GRIDFAILURE provides you with a record that is truly striking and perception altering.” – Cadaver Garden

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